In Asia market many manufacturers can benefit dramatically by deploying a strategic approach to performance management. Regardless of industry, Hypercube consultancy & solution offers faster, more agile ways for manufacturers to increase revenues while containing costs.

Manufacturers can leverage Hypercube consultancy & solutions to provide value that was simply impossible before. Use Hypercube consultancy & solutions to align the strategic objectives of the company to the operational plan through the financial plan in an integrated solution. Further, clients can optimize the efficient use of precious capital that can often be trapped in excess inventories by poorly planned production schedules, inadequately understood or infrequently updated demand plans, or other bottlenecks in the fulfillment process. The ability to properly predict and prepare for customer demand, optimize the production process, and manage inventory levels to free capital to redeploy in more strategic ways can deliver significant benefits to the bottom line.

Financial Services

Bankers require a unified planning and consolidation solution that is intuitive, highly configurable and enables them to identify potential business risks. Hypercube consultancy & solution offers helps them streamline the planning process while meeting ever-increasing statutory and reporting requirements.

Financial Services institutions have responded to these rigorous standards by deploying early versions of Hypercube consultancy & solution offers solutions starting years ago. However, new benefits can be achieved today by integrating performance management, risk and regulatory systems to give decision makers a 360 degree view of business drivers.


According to recent research, the global non-food retail industry could reach $10 trillion by 2015. In an era of poor consumer confidence and tight margins, however, brick-and-mortar as well as electronic retailers are increasingly turning to Hypercube consultancy & solutions to remain profitable.
From analyzing same store sales to allocating activity from a region to a store level, large chains with many stores can be very difficult to manage. Leveraging a powerful Hypercube consultancy & solution will take the painful manual steps out of the process, positioning Hypercube consultancy & solution offers users for successful analysis…which leads to better decisions. Spot seasonal trends, impacts of sales, and plan required staffing and store inventory levels accordingly. Additionally for retail (or any other industry with many locations), the Column5 accelerator library includes management for many leases and their terms for budgeting.

Increase Profitability

In the intense arena of retail competition, safeguarding your profitability through innovation and differentiation is a major priority. The bottom line is under extreme pressure as prices erode and costs fluctuate. Find out how retailers use SAP PCM (Profitability & Cost Management) to make better bottom line decisions using operational P&Ls (Supplier, SKU, Warehouse, Channel, Store, Customer). Watch a short demonstration of how PCM is creating value in the retail industry.

Consumer Products

The competitive challenges continue to mount in the consumer product arena, from international trade to slimmer margins and overcapacity. With Hypercube consultancy & solution offers, consumer products companies’ gain improved visibility into their supply chains and distribution channels for greater profitability.
CPG clients have demanded state of the art analytics that afford decision makers valuable new views of typically high volume data. From analyzing demand trends via slicing high volume POS sales data to diving into detailed product cost components to producing sophisticated management reporting in near real time, investments in business analytics solutions with a robust Hypercube consultancy & solution offers model at their core can deliver significant value for CPG firms.

Integrated : Hypercube consultancy & solutions alone do not provide enough detail reporting capabilities to meet every level of analysis. Instead, use BI integrated with your Hypercube solution to provide seamless analysis with clicks instead of “swivel chair integration” – turning from one system to another with the user providing similar filtering to compare data from your Hypercube consultancy & solution offers system to your DW, or ERP system.

Utilities/Oil & Gas

Managing high energy prices, diversified infrastructures and political pressures puts a premium on efficiency and operational effectiveness for today’s utility companies. Particularly for those with aging technology assets, and Hypercube consultancy & solution offers can help cut costs for organizations as well as for their end users.


Medical advances deliver more effective and specialized care than ever before. With Hypercube consultancy & solution, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can make sure their financial outcomes and data remain healthy in an environment of escalating patient costs, declining reimbursements and price-conscious consumers.
Key to this capability for providers is an integrated system that closely manages the cost to staff to deliver quality care while monitoring the efficient use of available supplies and capacity. Analysis of these drivers can produce valuable insights into what trends can be addressed and which should be replicated around the network.


Unprecedented consumer demand and a boom in digital tools have transformed the media and entertainment industry over the past two decades. Hypercube consultancy & solution offers gives media enterprises the confidence in their financial numbers and data not just to survive, but to thrive in this massively competitive sector.
Content providers consult specialized revenue models that calculate the monetization of their assets across numerous mediums, incorporating subscriptions, advertising, ticket sales, retail sales, and many other models. Anticipating what these assets will yield at various price points, cross referenced with a time-dependent consideration, and requires a dynamic modeling capability with several revenue streams often originating from a single content item.

Similarly, costs must be allocated and amortized across properties with sophisticated models, combined with complex royalty models for various project participants, to find out which assets are net winners.
The combined projection of revenues and costs, called ultimates, must reflect a complete understanding of what a given project will produce. These ultimates are then routed through a comprehensive workflow that supports the green-lighting process for new projects seeking approval. Finally, a project can be tracked through the various administrative functions to ensure projected profit is properly calculated, and up through the executive suites for final approval.

Professional Services

Around the globe, growth in the services sector has been unprecedented, driven by rising incomes and increased dependence on information technologies. Hypercube consultancy & solution offers allows service providers to do a superior job of managing their human capital, giving executives and managers a clearer view into the impact of their financial choices