s6The competitive challenges continue to mount in the consumer product arena, from international trade to slimmer margins and overcapacity. With Hypercube consultancy & solution offers, consumer products companies’ gain improved visibility into their supply chains and distribution channels for greater profitability.
CPG clients have demanded state of the art analytics that afford decision makers valuable new views of typically high volume data. From analyzing demand trends via slicing high volume POS sales data to diving into detailed product cost components to producing sophisticated management reporting in near real time, investments in business analytics solutions with a robust Hypercube consultancy & solution offers model at their core can deliver significant value for CPG firms.

Integrated : Hypercube consultancy & solutions alone do not provide enough detail reporting capabilities to meet every level of analysis. Instead, use BI integrated with your Hypercube solution to provide seamless analysis with clicks instead of “swivel chair integration” – turning from one system to another with the user providing similar filtering to compare data from your Hypercube consultancy & solution offers system to your DW, or ERP system.