1397303160_03Unprecedented consumer demand and a boom in digital tools have transformed the media and entertainment industry over the past two decades. Hypercube consultancy & solution offers gives media enterprises the confidence in their financial numbers and data not just to survive, but to thrive in this massively competitive sector.
Content providers consult specialized revenue models that calculate the monetization of their assets across numerous mediums, incorporating subscriptions, advertising, ticket sales, retail sales, and many other models. Anticipating what these assets will yield at various price points, cross referenced with a time-dependent consideration, and requires a dynamic modeling capability with several revenue streams often originating from a single content item.

Similarly, costs must be allocated and amortized across properties with sophisticated models, combined with complex royalty models for various project participants, to find out which assets are net winners.
The combined projection of revenues and costs, called ultimates, must reflect a complete understanding of what a given project will produce. These ultimates are then routed through a comprehensive workflow that supports the green-lighting process for new projects seeking approval. Finally, a project can be tracked through the various administrative functions to ensure projected profit is properly calculated, and up through the executive suites for final approval.