Hypercube believe that translating business requirements into a solution architecture and design can only be performed by consultants who understand the business thoroughly. Our consultants have long term experience (minimum of 15 years) in the field of corporate performance management, multi-dimensional (OLAP) technology and IT solutions. With these qualifications we are able to determine the most appropriate route to accomplish a successful implementation with a minimum amount of effort and budget.

Hypercube don’t need to work by “trial & error”, checking several approaches to determine which is the great based on our ability to quickly understand requirements, your data structures and environment, we can quickly determine the approach which will result in the optimal and most sustainable solution. Our consultant’s wealth of experience give us an unbeatable position to address the most complex requirements.

Hypercube are primarily architects in corporate performance management and multi-dimensional environments. We also support and empower business consulting firms, enabling them to deliver consistently high-quality projects. This leverages the consulting team to deliver a high level solution and ensures a successful implementation.

Our team perform this service independently or in cooperation with the partner.