Hypercube don’t need the best servers that can be bought at the market or accelerator engines that boost performance: simply a waste of money! We have investigated that 96% of all performance cases are related to a poor design or a lack of knowledge and experience during the implementation. With our skills Hypercube have proven on many occasions that performance gains of around 100% can be achieved the least, easily beating any hardware investment.

Our approach:

  • Invite us for a 1 day quick scan for free (No obligations!)
  • Your solution will be reviewed and assessed
  • We will deliver a presentation with observations and recommendations
  • We will estimate the improvements we expect to achieve
  • If sufficient improvements can be made, we prepare a “no-risk” proposal
  • No costs so far…

What is our “no-risk” proposal?

Hypercube propose a performance optimization target, which will be absolutely attractive

Once we start, we will do our utmost best to get the maximum performance improvement

If we do accomplish our goal and the solution is successful, we will invoice the agreed amount

If we fail, we will invoice nothing or the amount which is agreed in our no-risk offer

Basically it is a “no cure, no pay” proposal