Hiring Hypercube Quality Assurance consultants will ensure the best quality for your implementation results, but it is important that we can fulfill this role at every phase of the project .

Hypercube empower the team with Quality Assurance by:

  • Adding long-term experience and relevant experience;
  • Support the team by evaluating alternative approaches;
  • Warn for suboptimal solutions;
  • Introduce methods that are unknown to the team;
  • Recommend the most effective way how to implement corporate performance management tooling;
  • Give recommendations on the implementation of generic solutions instead of specific solutions;
  • Shorten implementation time;
  • Guarantee to success.

Our timing experience invoking Quality Assurance is when the team did not start yet. Immediately after the business requirements have been set and the project members have been assigned, we can provide the most effective influence.

Hypercube also perform Quality Reviews, when the project has its first deliverables. Probably the client is not satisfied with the results or their perception of a performance management solution is different in what they received. A Quality Review can be seen as a second opinion.