Boost your organization’s collective IQ with business intelligence tools that provide real-time insight into your organization


  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is a tool that is intended for rapid interactive analysis of large volumes of data
  • Think of it as a BI search engine
  • The tool works by indexing large volume of data on dedicated server blades using the SAP HANA or BWA Technology


  • Dashboards can be built using the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards tool (formerly known as Xcelsius)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards was launched in March 2010, and is the flagship product for data visualization and dashboards
  • Dashboards can also be highly formatted and static with little user interactive
  • In this dashboard we included some KPIs and only the balance sheet for an organization, instead of using Crystal reports for this sort of work.


The SAP BusinessObjects Analysis tool exists in both:

  • MS Office edition
  • OLAP edition (web)
  • The MS Office edition supports both Excel and PowerPoint
  • The tool has a query panel and can embed “live” BI analysis in the Microsoft Office applications Excel and PowerPoint

Web Intelligence (WebI)

  • WebIntelligence is an on-line web based tool to access the data in an ad-hoc fashion. It can be deployed as a PowerUser tool, or as an end user tool (if the report is simplified and navigation is limited).
  • When deploying WebI reports that are linked to a dashboards you should pre-run as many as possible due to the increase in performance (HANA and BWA also helps)


  • Crystal Reports was one of the leading vendors that became part of Business Objects and later SAP.
  • Crystal, with its two versions, is great tool for batch reporting of “pixel controlled” formatted reports
  • There are some capabilities to do interactive analysis, but it is primarily a tool for structured information access